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William Ee

William Ee is a senior at Bergen County Academies. He has a keen interest in bridging and catalyzing art/design with science/technology to deepen his understanding about the connectedness of things. Although he is in the engineering academy, he is teaching himself to achieve fluency in computer science. Recently he’s earned two certifications from (Responsive Web Design and JavaScript/Data Structures) and is comfortable with Python machine learning libraries. William is one of the founding members of the first high school Solar Car Challenge team in New Jersey scheduled to compete in the summer of 2023. He helped the team weld the frame, map out the electricals, and started fabrication of the mounting assembly of the front suspension control arms. As a junior, he has also done research on flexible modular solar charging systems for environmental data collection devices. William and his co-author won the grand prize as a sophomore at the Harvard Undergraduate Science Olympiad in the materials science contest. He is uncertain where his STEM aspirations lie yet because he feels that he has only scratched the surface of what STEM fields have in store. However, he feels strongly about the accessibility of STEM in graduated levels to anyone because he believes that such an empowering knowledge should not discourage anyone from exploring it. Therefore, one thing that is certain is that William will continue to be an ambassador for STEM. William holds a third-degree black belt from Kukkiwon, the official governing body for taekwondo in the Olympic games and was a medalist in five regional/local full-contact competitions.

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