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The Governor's STEM Scholars provides high-achieving New Jersey STEM students in grades 10 through doctoral level with an introduction to the state's vast STEM economy to retain that talent in the state. 


The Governor’s STEM Scholars brings together New Jersey’s high-achieving STEM students, from grades 10 through doctoral level to connect with STEM professionals and experts, learn about higher education and career pathways in STEM, participate in a STEM research project, and acquire important professional development skills.

Discover NJ's STEM Economy

Scholars gain a 360° view of New Jersey’s STEM economy, through four conferences focusing on government, academia, industry, and a commencement.

Network with

STEM Professionals

Scholars will network with the state’s leading STEM researchers and professionals from institutions like New Jersey Institute of Technology, Johnson & Johnson, and the New Jersey General Assembly.

Gain Access to Internships

Scholars will get exclusive access to internship opportunities across the state.

Connect with R&D Executives

Scholars will meet C-level STEM professionals and executives through Fireside Chats, such as former AT&T CEO Dr. Morris Tanenbaum, known as the founding father of the digital age.

Conduct Research

Become a STEM Citizen

Scholars will develop a research project with students from across New Jersey.

Scholars will compete to be named the state’s leading STEM Citizen.

Explore STEM Facilities & Labs

Scholars will visit top STEM facilities and labs at locations like PSEG, Bristol Myers Squibb, and Princeton Plasma Physics Lab.

Connect with STEM Enthusiasts

Scholars will join an elite network of young STEM professionals.

Secure NJ's Talent Pipeline

Scholars will ultimately secure the state’s STEM talent pipeline for years to come.


Undergraduate and graduate-level Scholars will guide teams of high school and college Scholars in a research project that advances the work of New Jersey’s research community. Projects can be continuation of research work that the undergraduate or graduate Scholar is already conducting at their higher-education institution or it can be unique to the Governor’s STEM Scholars. Undergraduate and graduate-level Scholars will be required to create a work plan, mentor and aid the participation of their research teams, and lead a presentation of their work at the Governor’s STEM Scholars Commencement Conference. Each research team will receive up to $300 in reimbursements for research supplies. 

Research Projects


The Governor’s STEM Scholars is committed to diversity, inclusion and belonging and to providing a welcoming environment for all Scholars. The Governor’s STEM Scholars seeks out and uplifts applications from students with diverse backgrounds, including but not limited to diverse ethnicities, races, religions, sexual orientations, gender identities, socio-economic backgrounds, locations, abilities, and more. ​

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