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The Governor’s STEM Scholars is an innovative public-private partnership among the Research & Development Council of New Jersey, the New Jersey Office of the Governor, the New Jersey Department of Education, the New Jersey Office of the Secretary of Higher Education, and the state’s leading research companies.


The Governor’s STEM Scholars believes that maintaining a pipeline of talented individuals is critical to maintaining excellence in innovation. In recognition of this and to counter the state’s brain drain, the Governor’s STEM Scholars was created to engage the next generation of research and innovation leaders in the state’s vast STEM economy early. 


The Governor’s STEM Scholars introduces New Jersey’s high achieving high school and college students to industry, academic, and government research in New Jersey, to establish a profound relationship between these students, STEM, and New Jersey. By making genuine connections between the Scholars and STEM representatives from the research community, we are keeping these STEM students here to become New Jersey’s future STEM professionals.




Tommy Bocian 

2019 Scholar

The Governor's STEM Scholars emphasized the importance of STEM in the context of New Jersey. The four symposiums highlighted different aspects of the State’s vast STEM economy and gave me the chance to meet amazing STEM leaders in New Jersey. GSS gave me outstanding resources and information to help me toward my goal of making a worldwide impact in STEM in my beloved home State.

Nicole Sivetz.jpeg

Nicole Sivetz
2018 Scholar

Innovation and exploration are key ingredients of a strong STEM education. Connecting with the Governor's STEM Scholars has significantly enriched my college experience and enabled me to proceed confidently forward in the direction of my passions. When the time comes to search for jobs after completing my Ph.D. training, New Jersey will certainly be at the top of my list.


Nicole Vaccaro
2021 Scholar

The Governor's STEM Scholars has revolutionized the way I view STEM, especially within New Jersey. As a result of participating in the program, I came to realize the field is more than just science, technology, engineering, and mathematics - it's communication, dedication, teamwork, innovation, and so much more. Connecting with professionals and students in the STEM industry truly inspires me to aim higher, dream bigger, and continue to do my part in making the world a better place. I am honored to be a Governor STEM Scholar and will cultivate the knowledge, skills and resources I have gained for all my future endeavors.

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