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Trevor Sherman

Trevor Sherman is a senior at Chatham High School. He is an aspiring engineer who has a passion for combating climate change. Trevor has conducted numerous independent research and building projects focused on environmental issues, notably novel methods of carbon sequestration; designing water filtration systems to clean locally polluted rivers; and more efficient approaches to hydroponic farming. He enjoys sharing his knowledge of STEM with others and providing opportunities for kids to have hands-on STEM experiences. He has designed a low-cost, 3D printed robotics kit to expand STEM access across New Jersey and teach children the elements of engineering, programming, and 3D printing. Trevor is the Founder and President of the Drone Club and the Engineering Lead on his FTC Robotics team. Trevor is an active member of several clubs at his high school, including the Technology Club, Research Club, and Science Club. Currently he is working on developing a reusable autonomous rocket capable of a controlled landing. Trevor enjoys building, programming, and flying racing drones.

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