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Supraj Gunda

Supraj Gunda is a senior at John F. Kennedy Memorial High School. He has explored the interdisciplinary nature of his main field of interest, computer science, through both community involvement and research. As the vice president of his school’s Computer Science club and Astronomy club, he has encouraged his community to pursue the various interdisciplinary works that bridge their STEM interests, such as astrophysics and computational biology. Outside of his school, he has conducted research at Princeton’s Jadwin Hall. There, he researched RGB + depth convolutional neural network multi-class classification on petunia plants. He has also done research with a professor from GeorgiaTech to use machine learning to predict exoplanet status. Finally, he has performed research at Kean University on automated pollen detection using neural networks. In the future, he hopes to continue exploring how AI and computer science can be applied to other fields to enhance the world we live in.

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