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Sumuk Anand

Sumuk Anand is a senior at Princeton High School. He has ranked highly in geography and history competitions such as the National Geography Bee, US Geography Olympiad, International Geography Bee and National History Bowl. His extended interest in geography has led to interdisciplinary studies in geography and science. He has been conducting research for several years in the pursuit of finding sustainable solutions for the biodegradation of plant-based plastic alternatives. With his findings, he has presented at the Rutgers Junior Humanities and Sciences Symposium and has won regional science fairs, such as the Bergen SciChallenge, which qualified him for Broadcom Masters. He has three publications on National Center for Biotechnology Information’s GenBank sequence database for the analysis of three novel Landoltia Punctata sequences. In school, he is an officer for the UNICEF club and an active member of the History Bowl team. He is a two-time national semifinalist for North South Foundation’s Panacea Challenge, focusing on diversity and inclusion. He has actively volunteered to teach elementary school students in various areas such as STEM, geography, Taekwondo, and chess. Sumuk aspires to pursue a career in the fields of Environmental Science, Biotechnology and Computer Science to help solve global environmental issues.

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