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Sareena Naganand

Sareena Naganand is a junior at Piscataway High School. She is passionate about science, medicine and the arts. Sareena has collaborated with peers to develop research projects through the New York Academy of Sciences. She has interned at the Ernest Mario School of Pharmacy where she investigated the effects of bariatric surgery on bile acid transport. This school year, she will be serving as Co-President of her school’s Genetic Engineering Club in collaboration with the Waksman Institute of Microbiology at Rutgers University. Additionally, Sareena enjoys writing fiction and poetry. As a member of her school’s Writers Guild, Sareena’s work has appeared in two published anthologies available on Amazon. Sareena’s other hobbies include coding, playing the violin, and volunteering at organizations such as the local library and the Institute for Youth in Policy. She also posts STEM-related content on her website, Parea. In the future, Sareena hopes to become a physician-scientist, applying research and engineering principles to address pressing health issues.

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