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Samiya Pathak

Samiya Pathak is a senior at Bergen County Academy. A dedicated volunteer, Samiya is an active member of her town’s Volunteer EMT Squad and a leader of Sunrise Bergen, a youth-led climate justice organization, which she won the EPA’s Presidential Environmental Youth Award. Samiya organized her school’s first climate summit and is working with BCA’s Sustainability Committee on providing more research opportunities integrating fields such as business, engineering, and health with environmental science and climate justice. She is also part of multiple research projects, one being her own project regarding Alzheimer’s Disease, looking into the possibility of a dual amyloid-beta and tau protein plant treatment for oxidative stress. She developed a group Agriculture project that researched an increasing flower bud size treatment which was shortlisted to present at Youth Science Achievers Program, NYIT Science Fair, and the Bergen County Academy Research Exposition. She served as a researcher for her school’s pharmaceutical company, Provita, where she developed a post-surgical product for inguinal hernias which was presented to an FDA member. Combining her strong interests in both medicine and climate justice, Samiya hopes to work in the field of environmental medicine and research how pollution and climate change is impacting human health.

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