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Riya Shenvi

Riya Shenvi is a sophomore at Bridgewater-Raritan High School. She is the Fundraising Supervisor for the community-based FIRST Robotics Competition Team 303, where she works to not only build, program, and compete with robots, but also spread STEAM education to the community through STEAM fairs and other community initiatives. Additionally, Riya is a highly decorated public speaker with many prestigious awards. Through mentoring younger students in public speaking and youth leadership, Riya works to spread her passion for this crucial skill. Riya takes an active role in her community by working with MOMI, an organization dedicated to enhancing children’s curiosity and development by establishing a children’s museum. Through MOMI, Riya has worked to research child development and psychology and volunteered to facilitate events that stimulate children’s creativity and innovative capabilities. In the future, Riya hopes to pursue a degree and career in computer science and engineering.

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