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Rachel Guhathakurta

Rachel Guhathakurta is a junior at Princeton High School. She is interested in combining computer science, image detection, and AI to create innovative solutions in healthcare. She is currently pursuing research in image detection with machine learning for destructive habit reduction therapies such as nail biting and compulsive hair pulling. She has challenged herself by earning university credit courses in Computer Science and Economics from Carnegie Mellon University. She is also an organizer for the Princeton High School Hackathon (Hack PHS) where she is actively involved in outreach and designing challenges. Rachel serves on her school's student council as vice president, and actively participates in Latinos Unidos to celebrate and embrace Latin culture. Outside school, she mentors underprivileged students through the Centro De Salud, Mexico outreach program. Her vision is to follow her passions in mathematics, science, engineering, computer learning, and statistical analysis and to leverage the knowledge and skills gained to create educational opportunities and technology equity for underserved Hispanic communities. And particularly for girls whose opportunities in STEM are marginal. When she is not pursuing STEM interests, you can find her on the soccer field or playing the flute.

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