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Nona Fulmore Harris

Nona Rain Fulmore Harris is a Computer Science STEM major at Diana C. Lobosco STEM Academy at the Passaic County Technical Vocational Schools in Wayne. She is also a College Dual STEM enrollment student at Passaic County Community College. She recently attended the Columbia University AI4ALL - Artificial Intelligence Summer Intensive Program and is a participant in the Change Makers of NYC. As a member of The Historic Calvary Baptist Church, she has strong Christian faith which keeps her centered and grounded, especially when life becomes challenging. Nona has participated in various civic and charitable projects throughout the city of Paterson as a member of The Paterson Youth Council, including volunteering at Eva’s Village Soup Kitchen, Lead Testing in the city of Paterson, national, state, and local elections, and the beautification efforts of the city of Paterson. She studied ballet and pointe at the Verona School of Classical Russian Ballet for many years and performed many leading roles in the production of the Snow Queen. Her musical abilities include piano, voice, and cello; athletic abilities include volleyball and swimming. Nona’s ultimate goals is to better her community and New Jersey, while providing her with impactful opportunities that will shape the rest of her life.

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