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Megan Tseng

Megan Tseng is a senior at East Brunswick High School. Recently, she conducted research on building microfluidic systems for the study of protein aggregation under customized total internal reflection microscopy. In the past, she has extracted, analyzed, and published samples of DNA from a plant genome, and designed techniques for chemically separating microplastics from drinking water. At her school, she is president of the Science Honor Society and Science Olympiad team, vice president of a student-led bioinformatics research program, and mechanical lead on her FIRST Robotics Competition team. Megan is an EMT and volunteers for two local rescue squads, as well as a pediatric hospital. Beyond her interest in biomechanical engineering, Megan is the student representative to her district’s Board of Education and hopes to use her platform to advocate for STEM education and opportunities. She aspires to become a bioengineer and continue her goal of solving societal issues through engineering. Outside academics, Megan is a competitive swimmer on her high school varsity and local club teams.

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