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Madison MacKenzie

Madison MacKenzie is a senior at Biotechnology High School. As the Junior State of America's Convention Coordinator for the Mid-Atlantic state, she implements STEM debates on region-wide scale. She has also won awards for her STEM debating and podcasting skills on the state-level by the Technology Student Association. Madison is currently researching the effects calcium carbonate can have on combatting acid rain with the model organism Arabidopsis Thaliana. She hopes we can one day find a therapeutic solution to acid rain and use agricultural engineering to solve world hunger. Madison is also a winner of the Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory Women in Engineering Award. Her mentors include a Research Physicist and a Mechanical Engineer which at open her eyes to the possibilities of Women in STEM. Madison also participated in the University of Notre Dame Leadership Seminars where she learned valuable skills she one day hopes to use to become a leader in STEM.

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