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Krithik Ashokkumar

Krithik Ashokkumar is a junior at East Brunswick High School. A math enthusiast, he completed the Kumon math program at 14, which certified his mastery of advanced concepts such as differential calculus and advanced integration. With a passion for providing underprivileged youth with STEM and educational opportunities, he served as the Northeast Regional Head for spikeview, a startup that helps kids discover educational opportunities worldwide. He was also a public relations intern at the National STEM Honor Society (NSTEM), where he helped cultivate student excellence in STEM. He is currently the Director of Entrepreneurship at Efforts for Youth Development in Bangladesh (EYDB), in which he leads a team of interns to propagate the importance of further education among struggling Bangladeshi youth. Krithik works as a part-time Kumon assistant, tutoring math to middle-and-high-school students twice a week. He enjoys writing in his free time and has been published in several anthologies and won many awards for his works. In the future, he wishes to pursue an impactful career in medicine and help expand access to healthcare worldwide.

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