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Kailan Campbell

Kailan Campbell is a sophomore studying Engineering and Robotics at Donald M. Payne Sr. School of Technology in Newark. As a Johns Hopkins CTY Scholar, he developed a triple-script encryption method for the Modern Cryptography class. In his CTE courses at Donald Payne, he has been involved with various projects such as creating a personal website highlighting his interest in culinary arts, building a crane able to sustain 29 times its own weight, and developing an earthquake-resistant structure. He will be taking an AP Computer Science course through Johns Hopkins University CTY in the fall to further his understanding of computer science. In the future, he plans to become a software developer and work with blockchain technology because of its implications for combating cyber-security threats through its decentralized nature. Outside of STEM, Kailan has an interest in economics and participated in a Macroeconomics course through CTY where he learned how economic trends like different levels of unemployment highlight social disparities. He works part-time with his uncle’s entertainment business and enjoys cooking, drawing, singing, learning about personal finance, and media editing.

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