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Jollen Dai

Jollen Dai is a sophomore attending Bridgewater Raritan High School. His main interest lies in computer science and STEM. During his freshman year in high school, he attended all the honors level courses available to him and was a straight A student and has taken accelerated classes for core subjects such as Math and English. Outside of school, he has attended various extracurricular computer science programs such as New York University’s Summer ML (machine learning) course and an online JavaScript course. Over the summer, Jollen studied chemistry at Rutgers Preparatory School. Jollen has independently studied game design with the various resources available on websites such as Youtube, freeCodeCamp, and Stack Overflow. Aside from his interest in computer science and game design, Jollen enjoys playing volleyball on his school’s team and in clubs as well as playing chess online. Jollen also studies competition math and studies for the American Mathematics Competitions in his spare time.

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