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Janani Rajan

Janani Rajan is a junior at West Windsor-Plainsboro High School North. As a member of the Neuroscience Sensory Unit, she has worked with a former neuroscience professor on publications that explain complex neuroscience processes to students, aspiring scientists, introductory neuroscience courses, as well as anyone interested in learning about the brain and sensory physiology. She is also the Outreach Chair of her school’s chapter of the Waksman Student Scholars Program, through which she conducts authentic research in molecular biology using laboratory protocols, bioinformatics programs, and computational biology resources. Additionally, she is the Director of Program Logistics of TechGirls, a non-profit organization dedicated to overcoming the gender disparity in computing fields through various workshops, programs, and exposure to computing careers. In the future, Janani hopes to become a biomedical engineer and develop new technology to improve human health.

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