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Giovanni Olaya

Giovanni Olaya is a senior at the Diana C. Lobosco STEM Academy (DCL STEM) in Wayne. With a diverse background and passion for infrastructure, he conducted research on the effects of language loss on immigrant populations in the United States, and analyzed and offered solutions to better the implementation of public transportation via public policy. Olaya received awards for his research in the DCL STEM Expo. Throughout his high school career, Gio held leadership positions in multiple organizations such as the National Honor Society, American Legion Jersey Boys State, and PCTVS Gifted and Talented Club. He assisted his church, Calvary Temple International (CTI), with the implementation of its livestream service platform during the COVID-19 pandemic and continues to collaborate with other media production team members to enhance the church’s online outreach. Outside of STEM, Gio enjoys playing two instruments and is a member of a community symphony orchestra. Gio aspires to become a civil engineer and policymaker to help New Jersey develop more sustainably.

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