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Elaina Mann

Elaina Mann is a senior at Livingston High School. Her primary interest lies in computer science and applied physics. As an MIT-Lemelson InvenTeams finalist, Elaina is currently working with her team to develop a system that utilizes radar technology and Bluetooth mesh networking to detect and alert motorists of the presence of pedestrians when visibility is low. With her robotics team, she has competed on the international level to explore artificial intelligence systems by building and programming a pair of robots that coordinate to complete specific tasks. Elaina is also interested in researching how the brain mediates social processes and behavior related to social prejudice and morality. Elaina has previously studied the relationship between antisocial personality disorder and amygdala volume and deformation. She also studied the treatment of minority groups in professional sports and the scientific credibility of the regulations, policies, and prejudices that bar many transgender women from participating in sports alongside biological women.

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