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Diya Shah

Diya Shah is a junior at John F. Kennedy Memorial High School. She is the youngest person in her school to be accepted into the Science Honor Society as a sophomore. Additionally, she is an active part of several other clubs including Math Team, in which she has scored the highest in competitions several times, Academic Team, in which she was part of the team in the finals, Dance Exchange, Autism Awareness Club, Astronomy Club, and numerous others. Diya has been researching topics in STEM since middle school in which her team and she were New Jersey finalists for the Future City Competition. She is currently researching ways of converting different types of energy and creating a device to minimize the impacts of collision using physics principles. Outside of school, Diya volunteers at the Colonia Fire Department and assists firefighters in calls by grabbing tools from the truck. She hopes to learn about other various STEM topics not discussed in her school.

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