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Divjyot Singh

Divjyot Singh is a junior at the New Jersey Institute of Technology located in Essex County. He is an international student from India pursuing Bachelor of Science in applied physics and applied math with honors. Divjyot is passionate about theoretical physics and aspires to be a great researcher so that he can help humanity by solving our problems using STEM. Currently, he is doing research in the Department of Chemistry and Environmental Science. This research involves developing algorithms to mathematically model soot nanoparticles to quantify their contribution to global warming. He has presented this research at various places including a national conference and has co-authored its publication in the Journal of Aerosol Science. This summer, he did a research internship in applied math at the University of Oxford. Divjyot is also a physics tutor in his college and is active in various student clubs. Amongst his many other achievements, he has also been a proud recipient of the NJIT URI Provost Research Fellowship 2019 and the NJIT HSRI award 2020.

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