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Deborah Cousin

Deborah Cousin is a senior at Biotechnology High School. Consistent with her passion for STEM, she is the Director of Operations and Programs for the New Jersey chapter of WiTech, an international organization empowering woman to be involved with STEM. At Biotechnology High School, she is a member of the National Honor Society, Spanish Honor Society, Students of Service, and Technology Student Association, where she recently received an award in the state competition for her Biotechnology Design. She is also the Director of Operations for her high school’s yearbook and previously served on the junior class counsel. Deborah was a student research scholar at Rutgers University conducting bioinformatic analyses on Landoltia punctata DNA sequences. She was also an active participant in Harvard’s Global Health and Leadership Conference. Most recently, she began volunteering with a local first aid squad and was the Lead Instructor for Biotechnology Bootcamp, teaching middle school children about biotechnology and laboratory techniques. Deborah hopes to use her STEM experience to one day make a lasting global impact.

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