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Darshan Lakshminarayanan

Darshan Lakshminarayanan is a senior at the Middlesex County Academy for Science Mathematics and Engineering Technologies. He is a patrol leader in his local Boy Scout troop and on the path to becoming an Eagle Scout. He marches the snare drum with the Woodbridge High School Marching Band and serves as section leader to the battery percussion group. He is also a member of the Junior State of America, the largest student-run organization in the country, where he serves as the Convention Coordinator for the Mid-Atlantic State, taking point on organizing three major overnight conventions and other smaller ones for several states in the region. Darshan loves teaching science as much as he loves learning it, working with the non-profit Inspire Curiosity to spark a love of STEM in younger students. He hopes to become an experimental particle physicist and is currently interested in experiments like the Deep Underground Neutrino Experiment and neutrino oscillation.

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