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Catherine Gan Ung

Catherine Gan is a senior at Morristown High School. As the president of the Engineering Club, founding member of Mu Alpha Theta Math Honor Society, National Honor Society, and mathematics and science competition teams, tutor in mathematics and chemistry and ambassador at Morris Museum’s Smithsonian Spark!Lab, she has significantly contributed and enhanced participation and interest in STEM in her community. She has received awards in mathematics and science and certification by the American Red Cross for Adult and Pediatric First Aid/CPR/AED. She is in STEM Academy and has been accepted two years in a row into the Global Health Leaders Conference at Johns Hopkins University. Her article, "New Threats: An Overview of the Delta and Delta Plus Variants of the Virus Causing COVID-19", is published in the Pre-Collegiate Global Health Review Journal, a journal that is read worldwide. She is interested in doing research in STEM areas, particularly in biomedical/chemical engineering, and would like to be a scientist making new discoveries/inventions that will help many people and positively impact the world.

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