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Carolyn He

Carolyn He is a junior at the Academy for Mathematics Science and Engineering. She has always been fascinated by the intersection between data and the world she lives in. After taking her first data science course in her freshman year of high school, Carolyn has been searching for ways to apply her newfound passion for statistics, whether it's through conducting research with college professors, leveraging its power in Original Oratory as a national competitor in Speech and Debate, or running her environmental nonprofit, A Sustainable Future. Her research experience began with conducting analysis on reoccurring vulnerabilities in Decentralized Finance--earning her recognition as a semifinalist in the Junior Science and Humanities Symposium--and has since evolved into monitoring wildfire-induced disruptions to vegetation health with satellite imagery, which she is excited to present on behalf of NASA at the American Geophysical Union this fall. Today, Carolyn is also proud to be President of the global Women in STEM organization, MH President and NJ Coalition Board Member of Girl Up, and a dedicated mentor for young girls through the National Academy of Engineering’s EngineerGirl initiative. In the future, Carolyn aspires to pursue a career at the intersection of her various interests, be it statistics, the environment, or simply empowering other women in STEM. Until then, she can likely be found reading, eating, or poorly singing Lorde in the backseat of her friend's car.

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