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Ankit Mithbavkar

Ankit Mithbavkar is a senior at Dr. Ronald E. McNair Academic High School. His interest in research began in freshman year where he has been researching water purification and irrigation within his school’s science research class. He is a council member in his school’s hackClub branch and the founder of PyJa, a track within hackClub, dedicated to teaching Python and Java. He is also the treasurer of the Mu Alpha Theta, a Math Honor Society, branch at his school. Additionally, he attended Discovery Lab Global’s SADE, where he developed 3D models and online videos in a virtual campus to aid veterans in pursuing a CompTIA Security+ cybersecurity certification. In addition to STEM, Ankit is an active member of JROTC, where he recently won numerous regional and national competitions through his JROC Academic team. He is the National Honor Society treasurer at his school. Outside of school, he works a job where he creates and teaches Scratch lessons to kids. In his free time, he enjoys learning the guitar, playing piano, and singing. Ankit intends to pursue a career in computer science and machine learning.

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