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Andric Lu

Andric Lu is a senior at the Academy for Biotechnology in the Morris County Vocational School District, which is located at Mountain Lakes High School. He has conducted research on the efficacy of various corrosives and acids on biofilms. He has also participated in summer programs using R programming to identify cancer biomarkers and separate samples using mRNA samples. He is currently conducting research at Northeastern Ohio Medical University on studying neuromodulatory functions in hearing physiology. He enjoys volunteering at his local ambulance squad and hopes to pursue this in the future by acquiring an EMT certification. Andric is the founder of the third GIDAS (Genes In Diseases And Symptoms) chapter in New Jersey which is an outreach program for miRcore, a nonprofit organization dedicated to promoting medical research. Outside of school and research, he enjoys volunteering as an English teacher for underprivileged Chinese students and plays the piano.

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