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Aliza Lopez

Aliza Lopez is a junior at North Brunswick Township High School, pursuing the top STEM Academy pathway. As a proponent of the health sciences, she currently co-directs the 501(c)(3) organization, Medicine Encompassed. Aliza was designated the Grand Prize Winner of the 2021 T-Mobile Changemaker Challenge in Education. With her interdisciplinary research areas in biopsychology, global health, medical sociology, and neuroscience, Aliza aspires to become a neurosurgeon, or work in the intersection of health, technology, and entrepreneurship. She is currently working at a behavioral and data science laboratory at Dartmouth College to analyze various biomarkers, also having completed a project on neurogenetics and biological pathways in the past. After extensive participation in nonprofit organizations, mental health advocacy, and generational campaigns, she hopes to break the glass ceiling for student involvement and spearheading impact in these fields. In addition to the medical sectors, Aliza is interested in bridging disparities in SDGs, educational equity, gender, and sex distinctions in healthcare, biostatistical methods, and DEI efforts.

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