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Alexandria Hall

Alexandria Hall is a senior at Science Park High School. She is the 2023’s three-time elected president and an active representative within the school’s Student Council. She is the press secretary for her philanthropy club and founder of the Haunted Maze Committee, where she used her coding to create visual effects and lighting displays for the dance performances she choreographed while also overseeing the rest of the event. Alexandria is also a peer leader in New Jersey Teen Prevention Education Program (Teen PEP). She participated in a research mock senate trial, debating the ethics and necessity of stem-cell research; she and two other “senators” conducted the hearing and found the matter to be innovative provided the right regulations are in place to prevent threat of corruption. In the future, Alexandria hopes to work on Capitol Hill as a government liaison to the scientific community to create policy that regulates correct investigation and preventative measures for environmental public health within underfunded communities. Aside from STEM, Alexandria enjoys dancing year-round while being a three-sport varsity athlete in volleyball, softball, and swim. She enjoys volunteering at her local union and Aids Resource Center to lessen stigma and help people however she can.

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