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Beyond our Four Walls: The Importance of STEM to Support Next-Gen Careers

By Emma Fylstra and Siya Kulkarni, 2022 Governor's STEM Scholars

A future electrical engineer who aims to change how the world uses technology from Middlesex County. An aspiring psychologist dedicated to making a difference through the human mind from Toms River. An enthusiast for medical innovation and patient centered care from Morris County. These interests and incredible high school and college students all met at one place - the Governor’s STEM Scholars (GSS).

Out-of-school STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) programs - like the Governor's STEM Scholars - are important for encouraging students to aspire towards STEM careers and supply a much needed workforce. They help close gender and race gaps in STEM fields, where different perspectives strengthen innovation. And, these additional STEM experiences provide students with hands-on experiential learning that prepare them for careers in and out of STEM professions. To continue to prepare New Jersey’s students for their futures, programs that enhance STEM learning must be supported.