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Space is the future of science, so why don’t we teach it in school?

By Charly Castillo and Sruthi Suresh, 2021 Governor's STEM Scholars

Published on and in the Jersey Journal

From constructing space transportation technology to planning the eventual colonization of Mars, the American company SpaceX has been making breakthroughs in the aerospace industry through its innovation. Even though substantial progress has been made in the field in recent decades, new ideas are needed to revolutionize the future of aerospace. To drive the next generation of scientific advancements, it is paramount that students push schools to incorporate aerospace-related topics into their curriculums from the elementary to high school levels.

As students in New Jersey public schools, we have personally seen the lack of aerospace topics covered in science courses and believe that by discussing them, students will find interest in aerospace careers and make a difference in the industry.

Currently, the aerospace sciences are not universally covered in New Jersey school curriculum, which may deter the next generation of potential STEM professionals from choosing to study the subjects in college, and eventually enter the industry. To garner interest in space science careers, exposure to the subject must start at a young age, but in reality, education in these subjects is not common in American high schools.