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Reflections from a STEM Scholar: Ella Joasil

Filled with excitement that the day to attend the first 2021-22 Governor’s STEM Scholars Conference has finally arrived, Ella Joasil wasted no time to join her fellow Scholars on the campus of New Jersey Institute of Technology (NJIT). The young Scholar devoted her attention to digesting valuable information pertaining to STEM in Government. Multiple panels and guest speakers were on-hand detailing the various STEM career opportunities in government. When asked about her experience at the symposium “What a great event! Not only one was being encouraged to gather strength and courage and not surrender to setbacks and failures, one was also informed of NJ’s many opportunities in STEM” stated Ms. Joasil. She admitted that the conference has had an impact on her and the constant hearing that the state of NJ wants her to stay home speaks volumes. She said that she will always remember the President of the Research and Development Council of New Jersey Anthony Cicatiello’s words to the 2021 Scholars that “When I look at you, I see solution”.