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Reflections from a Scholar: Lilya Eid

TEAM: Trust, Empowerment, Acceptance, Mindfulness

Teamwork holds great power. From working together on brainstorming a project topic to thinking of ways to bring it to life, the hard work and compassion of my Governor’s STEM scholar team in the past few months is inspiring and was shown at the GSS Statehouse Event with the Research and Development Council of New Jersey. Going with my fellow Team Lead, Maya Mann, to voice our project and its importance to the legislators of our state was truly an opportunity I will never forget.

What I enjoyed most about this experience was how everyone had a connection or story to tell with regards to our project. People from different areas of expertise, levels of knowledge and experience, and roles in the Statehouse came over to discuss their thoughts on our work; it was rewarding to hear feedback from respected leaders in NJ. Throughout this event, there were several other research projects on a variety of different topics and areas of study: agriculture, computer science, engineering, and so much more. Being joined by Kruppa Ananth and Yug Yadava, fellow Team Leads in the GSS program, and hearing all about their hard work with their projects, gave me intrinsic happiness.

Throughout these few months, it’s evident that all of the scholars and team leads in the GSS Class of 2023 have worked tirelessly on their projects and have shown proudly the effects of good teamwork.I’m looking forward to our Commencement ceremony and seeing all these wonderful projects and the results of driven-individuals working together. Knowing that the teams in our program as well as in our state come together as one to present their projects sheds further light into the importance of teamwork.

Our world is complicated. We all have so many questions and there are many issues to solve. The great news is we are the future. The problems we’ve created can only be solved by us and the power of our voices. The best way to tackle the challenges thrown at us is to stand hand-in-hand and work as a team, applying our knowledge and experiences to make our world a better place.I’m optimistic that we are capable, and the GSS Program has enhanced my confidence to continue researching and voicing my ideas.

Written by Lilya Eid

2022-2023 Scholar

Lilya Eid is a first-year biology major at Stevens Institute of Technology. She has conducted research with Georgetown University on hematopoietic stem cell transplants as a treatment for acute lymphocytic leukemia. She participated in a course with Columbia University called “Medicine as a Career Choice: Thinking Like a Doctor”. She is a Patient Care volunteer at New York Presbyterian Hospital. She is also involved with Hackensack University Medical Center’s Research Associate Program in their Tobacco Cessation Study, North Hudson Community Action Corporation Health Fair volunteer, and is signed up to start with their Emergency Medicine Shadowing and Cancer Education and Early Detection Programs. She has participated as a dedicated member of the National Honor Society, Student Ambassadors Team, and is a President of a Peer Outreach Service Team. In the future, Lilya hopes to become a doctor while learning more about the world of STEM.


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