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Reflections from a Scholar: Davidi Tawfiles

The Governor’s STEM Scholars STEM in Academia Conference was held on Saturday, December 10th. Of the wonderful speakers was Dr. Martin Job, an assistant professor of Biomedical Sciences at Rowan University. Dr. Job spoke about his work with addiction research. During his session, Dr. Job told the Scholars that although we and our families may not struggle with addiction it is an important issue nonetheless. Through the remainder of his lecture he stressed the importance of focusing on issues that do not exclusively affect yourself, but also affect your community.

Throughout the lectures and classes from speakers a similar ideology was reiterated. When working in academia, caring for others is critical. Whether it be through an endless pursuit of ensuring that as an educator you're understandable, or through countless hours in the lab researching illnesses that affect underdeveloped communities. It is crucial to work toward developing an understanding and removing the veil of ignorance on issues plaguing these neglected communities.

The conference not only allowed for the top STEM Scholars from throughout New Jersey the chance to meet, but also provided them with the opportunity to diffuse their diverse viewpoints on one another. Having been seated with an almost entirely unknown group of people provided an excellent chance to do so. Whether it be through our disperate and different research projects participation or diving into the issues that affect young adults across the country, the occasion allowed for my intellectual growth. It enabled me to learn about so many distinct issues from so many different perspectives.