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Valerie Duran

Valerie Duran is a junior at Jose Marti STEM Academy in Union City. Her research is concentrated in clinical psychology, where she has analyzed the biopsychosocial effects of virtual learning on K-12 students and teachers in the United States. For the last two years, she has been conducting studies on Impostor Syndrome and its effects on several first-generation populations. Valerie's Impostor Syndrome research has garnered state and national recognition in behavioral science, with her findings being presented at the next American Junior Academy of Sciences conference. Valerie is the President of the Psychology and Social Sciences (P.A.S.S.) Club, where she brings awareness to various disorders and mental health movements. She has also been an active memberof the Key Club and Scientific Research Club. Valerie aspires to become a forensic psychologist and continue promoting the versatility of STEM in distinct fields.

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