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Srivatsa Kundurthy

Srivatsa Kundurthy is a senior at the Academy for Mathematics, Science and Engineering, a STEM-oriented program in Rockaway. A life-long engineer and programmer, he has developed open-source engineering designs and software for data science and cybersecurity. Passionate about increasing access to STEM education opportunities for students of diverse backgrounds, Srivatsa co-founded the North Jersey VTSeva Youth Board and serves as President of Education, leading a team of students to design innovative educational events within the community. He has presented research on the role computer science within education at premier conferences such as EuroPython2022, and advocates for informed technology-related public policy through the US TPC. Srivatsa is an active Machine Learning Researcher, having published literature on computer vision methods for problems in ecology and physics-based machine learning at such peer-reviewed venues as CVPR CV4A, NeurIPS, and PyCon-APAC. Through the LAION Group, Srivatsa has co-authored LAION-5B, the world’s largest open-source image-text dataset that is being used by hobbyists and premier research teams alike to develop next-generation AI models.

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