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Shravani Vedagiri

Shravani Vedagiri is a senior at High Technology High School. As the president of her school's Research and Engineering Connections Club and the historian of her school’s National Honor Society chapter, she has used her connections and interests to organize numerous events to help her local community and her school. Shravani has performed research on various topics, such as investigating the possibility of the use of light therapies and vitamin supplements as an additive treatment for diabetes and using machine learning paradigms to decode inner speech commands. She has presented her research at various conferences, such as the American Junior Academy of Sciences and the International Brain Research Organization. Shravani has also completed an internship at UNH’s Interoperability Lab, where she worked with a group to build a PCB from scratch, programmed an FPGA with Verilog, used an SDK to connect the hardware, and created a Java program to test all of the connections. In the future, she hopes to become an engineer and combine her interest in the life sciences to bring impactful solutions to global crises.

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