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Ryan Elyakoubi

Ryan Elyakoubi is a senior at Egg Harbor Township High School. He is greatly interested in technology, AI, space, and crypto. He has conducted research under MIT & Caltech and used NASA’s JPL data to create software that can compute orbits for near-earth asteroids within the universe. He is his school's class president and is the Founder/Lead Developer for software to benefit thousands of people within schools in his township. Throughout the year, Ryan holds an internship with Pearl Advisory Asset Management where he works on creating algorithms for the stock market, and he also teaches over 35+ students as the Founder/President of the stocks club he created at his HS. In addition, he also holds another internship with the Federal Aviation Administration where he works on Universal Transverse Mercator Systems to help assist pilots on taking the optimal route. He believes software changes the world, so he has become certified in over three programming languages and made Major League Hacking a priority throughout high school, finalizing against coders across the world and placing first in the MLH tournament in NJ. Ryan is very passionate about AI and will bet you that AI is the future, so he created an AI robotics team with his local STEM facility and is taking an AI independent study within his school using Stanford's Machine Learning Specialization Program. He loves robots and is an FTC Dean’s List Semi-Finalist, Lead Programmer, and 2x State Champion. Clearly, he is a big-time tech nerd, but you can still catch him powerlifting and training students at the gym or leading the football team's defense on Friday nights. Ryan plans to graduate with a CS and business degree from one of the country's best schools and plans to create his own software company while in college to advance his life-long vision of founding and leading a tech venture to the Fortune 500 level.

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