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Pranay Maniar

Pranay Maniar is a fourth year biology major at Albert Dorman Honors College at the New Jersey Institute of Technology. He is the co-founder of the North American Disease Intervention Chapter at NJIT. Since the inception of this chapter, Pranay and the executive board have built a team of over forty members to educate the underserved Newark community about hypertension and diabetes. He is currently working in the Instructive Biomaterials and Additive Manufacturing Laboratory (IBAM-Lab), where he is working on a decellularized matrix bio-inks for bone and cartilage bio-printing research project. He has worked as Clinical Sciences and Innovation Intern and also as a Respiratory Digital Intern at Novartis Pharmaceuticals for the past two summers. Pranay aspires to become an oncologist and one day help to address the basic health inequities within the healthcare system.

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