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Oliwia Lidwin

Oliwia Lidwin is a senior at Bergen County Academies in the Academy of the Advancement of Science and Technology. She is conducting nanochemistry research at her school on a novel battery that is intended to be used with brackish water filtration. She has previously partaken in international research with a South Korean high school. She has focused on many regions of chemistry including biochemistry, organic chemistry, and medicinal chemistry. Oliwia also created a periodic table in Unity featuring Bohr's model and orbital hybridization. She has placed in Brown Science Olympiad Invitational 2022 and at Chemagination 2021. Oliwia is the co-president of her school's Family Promise chapter and is planning on creating a chemistry club at her school. She looks forward to a future in a chemistry laboratory setting. Aside from chemistry, Oliwia likes to learn languages and crochet.

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