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Niranjana Ananth

Niranjana Ananth is a second-year, pre-professional pharmacy student at the Ernest Mario School of Pharmacy at Rutgers University. As the founder of Mind Your Mind at her high school and a member of Active Minds at Rutgers, she advocates for normalizing mental health struggles, especially in STEM fields. In her Research in Methodology Techniques class, Niranjana researched which pollination method is most effective: hand, wind, or water. She also submitted a research proposal on improving women’s STEM Living Learning Communities by implementing a Peer-Assisted Reflection program to bolster women’s confidence. Niranjana hopes to design an accessible digital platform for users, specifically women, from all backgrounds. Through the app, women can share their experiences, provide mentoring, foster a sense of community, and serve as role models for future STEM leaders. Niranjana works as a pharmacy technician at Walgreens, and she hopes to provide efficient treatments to patients.

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