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Niademi Ogundana

Oluwaniademi Ogundana is a senior at Saint Joseph High School who moved from Nigeria after his sophomore year. He wishes to study aerospace engineering in college and he is a leader of the build team in his school’s Robotics Club, the chief writer of his school's newspaper, and the captain of the varsity and Interstellar Math League Team which placed second at the 2022 Fall Math Madness competition. He was the president of the Coding Club in Nigeria, which aimed to teach the students about coding since there were no available classes that did so. He is currently participating in Buildspace's Nights and Weekends event, where his group is creating a platform called Safe Space which allows teenagers to safely talk about their mental health. He is the Wilson Senate Chair for the New Jersey Youth & Government (YAG) program and he attended the Conference On National Affairs as a New Jersey delegate. Oluwaniademi is currently working at WeLEAP Aerospace with Durgesh Chandel, an affiliate of MIT to provide mentorship about aerospace engineering and STEM, and he writes for the organization’s newsletter. He also enjoys volunteering at the Franklin Food Bank.

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