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Neeraj Venna

Neeraj Venna is a senior at the Hunterdon County Academies. He has conducted independent research on three-dimensional stem cell culturing techniques and various other areas related to biomedical engineering. Recently, he graduated from the Inspirit AI Scholars program where he successfully created a computer vision system to help diagnose pneumonia from chest X-rays. Additionally, as a member of the New York Junior Academy of Sciences, Neeraj has worked closely with a professional mentor and a small team of students to design innovative solutions for difficult STEM challenges. He is also the Vice President of the Science Bowl Team at his school where he helps lead a small team of students in preparation for a STEM competition at the end of the year. Outside of STEM, Neeraj has volunteered as an EMT cadet at his local EMS station and at a local hospital. He enjoys running competitively and playing tennis and he hopes to push the boundaries of biomedical engineering in the future by contributing to cutting-edge advancements in the field.

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