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Muhammad Mir

Muhammad Mir is a third-year senior at Drew University with a major in Mathematics and a minor in Middle East Studies. This academic year, he will be writing his honors thesis regarding virtual water and water scarcity in the Middle East and North Africa. Specifically, he will assess how optimizing the production and trade of water-intensive commodities can be economically beneficial while decreasing overall water usage. This summer, Muhammad did a research project about color metamerism--where two colors appear to look the same but are fundamentally different. He explored the linear algebra and theories behind human color perception and developed an algorithm to exhaust all possible specified combinations of monochromatic metamers for any given color. On campus, Muhammad runs a club called TEDxDrewUniversity which hosts officially licensed community-based versions of TED Talks from TED. He is also an Academic Coach, Peer Tutor, and Student Administrator at the Center of Academic Excellence. Additionally, he is a Community Advisor for one of the residence halls on campus, where he helps foster a safe, healthy, and fun environment for his residents. Muhammad is interested in continuing his higher education at the intersection of Mathematics and Computer Science.

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