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Morgan Walia-Peters

Morgan Walia-Peters, a Hoboken High School junior, distinguishes herself through her academic pursuits and commitment to fostering positive change in neuroscience. Having earned a scholarship, she successfully completed a rigorous Pre-Med/Biomedical Engineering Program at Stevens Institute of Technology, collaborating with esteemed professors, researchers, and peers in advanced laboratory settings. Presently, Morgan is engaged in a research endeavor investigating the cognitive enhancements associated with non-dominant hand writing, with potential implications for Alzheimer's Disease patients. Furthermore, her active role as the treasurer of Hoboken High School and co-founder of the Health and Wellness Committee underscores her dedication to promoting health equity and access among fellow students. Morgan's accomplishments extend beyond academics, as she secured awards in the NJ Mathlete Competition, ranking second in her school, and served as co-captain of her varsity volleyball team, achieving the highest county-wide ranking for aces. She also plays competitive volleyball and has represents the Northeast Region at the USA Junior National Volleyball Tournament in Chicago. She is a certified Red Cross Lifeguard, enjoys surfing and tennis, as well as relaxes by teaching herself the guitar. With her demonstrated leadership, collaborative spirit, and unwavering passion for science and innovation, Morgan aspires to realize her dream of becoming a neurosurgeon, contributing to the advancement of medical science and patient care.

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