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Mircea Florescu

Mircea Florescu is a first-generation, hardworking, compassionate, culturally diverse American Romanian. He is motivated to discover and further research opportunities across
disciplines, with a particular interest in how STEM should be in an uninterrupted dialogue with music, theater, philosophy, and linguistics. Over the years, Mircea has received several academic and philanthropic distinctions: Certificate in Excellence (Johns Hopkins University, Gifted and Talented Program); Certificate of Superior Achievement (Mathematics League); Summa cum Laude, Gold Medals (National Latin Exam); Romanian American National Heritage Award, Platinum Distinction for Outstanding Community Work (Conferred by the Romanian Embassy in the US); and he was the sole recipient of a prestigious Faculty Award for Exceptional Scholarly Results (Awarded by his alma mater, The Hudson School). In the past, Mircea was a Junior Researcher, a summer position at the University of Central Florida. There, he was part of a team that looked into applicable ways to lower the stressors and depression via meditation, nutrition, journaling, etc. Currently, he is a rising freshman at Stevens Institute of Technology where he will be focusing on earning a Bachelor of Science in Engineering. A huge advocate of the arts and social causes, Mircea continues to invest his time and ongoing growing expertise to discover integrated ways to make STEM communicate more effectively with the Arts and Humanities.

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