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Mia Velasco

Mia Velasco is a senior at Perth Amboy High School. She is an aspiring biomedical engineer with a deep interest in genetic research. Mia is highly engaged in both her school and community. Mia's commitment to community service is evident through her involvement as a board member of the Perth Amboy Advisory Board and the National Honor Society. She has also established her own crochet business, using it as a platform to raise awareness about healthcare disparities. Mia's leadership extends to her roles in Mu Alpha Theta and Mathletes, where she actively contributes to fostering a passion for mathematics among her peers. Furthermore, as part of Rutgers-Upward Bound Math Science, she's enhancing her STEM skills and knowledge. She envisions creating outreach programs for underrepresented groups in STEM, driven by her own experiences and the desire to create more equitable opportunities.

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