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Kavya Venkatesan

Kavya Venkatesan is a junior at Old Bridge High School. She is the youngest research intern for the Federal Aviation Administration and AI Lab at Rowan University where she is working on deep learning solutions to reduce rotorcraft collisions. Kavya has also published several gene analyses in the National Center of Biotechnology Information Database and is continuing her DNA sequence research with Waksman Institute of Microbiology at Rutgers University. In addition, Kavya is a Scholar at the W.E.B. Dubois STEM Institute. Kavya has a strong passion for guiding youth in her community about the power of STEM. Kavya has dedicated more than 1000 hours to organizing global summits and workshops for young girls and minorities from 70+ schools. For her impactful advocacy, Kavya was recognized as an NCWIT National Honoree, Presidential Gold Awards Recipient, and NJ Association for Gifted Children Distinguished Student of the Year. Kavya was also selected in the 2022 class of the 74’s 16 Under 16 in STEM. Outside of her research and leadership, Kavya is a multicultural musician and varsity golfer. Kavya aspires to pursue a career in the intersection of computer science, healthcare and business while simultaneously working for the higher purpose of giving back to her community.

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