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Kaelyn Johnson

Kaelyn Johnson is a senior at Ridge High School in Basking Ridge interested in computer science, data science, and engineering. Inspired by her own experience undergoing oral immunotherapy (OIT) for food allergies, Kaelyn created a web-based application that gathers and analyzes patient-specific data, providing doctors with the ability to individualize and improve OIT treatment protocols. In 2022, she developed a neural network-based model for the diagnosis of cancer from histopathological images under the supervision of a Columbia University Ph.D. student. Most recently, Kaelyn attended the NJ Governor’s School of Engineering & Technology, where she worked with a team of student scholars to produce and publish research on the use of machine learning models to predict Parkinson’s symptoms using EEG signal data. The research paper was selected to be presented at the 2023 MIT Undergraduate Research Technology Conference. In the future, Kaelyn would like to further explore opportunities to improve the care and treatment of chronic illnesses through the use of computer science, data science, and engineering.

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