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Jolie Estevao

Jolie Mayumi Estevao is a senior at Elizabeth High School, Frank J. Cicarell Academy. As an active member of multiple volunteer clubs throughout her district, she has experience networking with individuals from all sorts of trades and jobs. In Key Club and Humanitarian Club, she actively participates in community service and provides fresh ideas to involve the community and Elizabeth Public Schools in charity events, such as blood drives. Jolie is adept at researching and observing changes in organisms throughout the seasons. She often finds herself planted besides her garden, changing things like soil type and water type to see what changes it would bring in the plants. She also records the frequency of certain species of butterflies and birds that visit the feeders in the spring and summer. Even with little exposure to wildlife, Jolie finds herself enamored with the idea of being a positive impact in the ever-growing list of endangered species. She hopes to find herself as a wildlife veterinarian in the future, caring for animals that have been targeted by poaching, or negatively affected from deforestation. She also hopes to educate the public, like her hero Steve Irwin did.

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